Kraak & Smaak Unite With New Zealand Synth-Pop Duo Imugi이무기for ‘Somemeron’

Dutch group Kraak & Smaak have claimed a nice spot for us with their fresh take on spacey, electronic soundscapes. Currently, they are reading the release of a new album ‘Pleasure Centre’, today they unite with New Zealand based synth-pop duo Imugi 이무기 for ‘Sommeron’.

Imugi 이무기 is a duo comprised of Yery Cho and Carl Ruwhiu who have gone from strength to strength in recent years. A previous 2019 released of theirs ‘Greensmoke’ gained recognition from VICE upon its release and they’ve turned many industry heads since. Collaborating since high school, singer-songwriter Yery and producer Carl released their first EP ‘Vacasian’ only two short years ago, today they bring a breath of youthfulness and underground, rawness to Kraak & Smaak‘s ‘Sommeron’.

The release exudes lustful synths and enchanting vocals, in all ‘Sommeron’ holds strong funk and disco elements deeply rooted within the Kraak & Smaak sound. Continuing to carry strong hints of the West Coast, heard across previous releases ‘Don’t Want This To Be Over’ and ‘Same Blood’ featuring ‘The Palms’, ‘Sommeron’is set to further cement strong approval for the forthcoming release of their album.

Kraak & Smaak’s ‘Sommeron’ featuring Imugi 이무기 is available now via Boogie Angst.

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