Madeon: New Single ‘All My Friends’ Out Friday & False Album Leak

We’ve been without Madeon music since the release of ‘Shelter‘ with his good friend Porter Robinson back in 2016. Now thankfully that changes with announcement of “All My Friends”, a brand new single that’s got us waiting on edge for what’s to come from. The new developments began after Madeon changed all his social images earlier in the day, alerting us that something was imminent.

The release announcement has since been tied with a cryptic treasure hunt that spread vinyls in four cities across the globe and was topped with a fake leak that suggested an album with collaborations including Lady Gaga and Porter Robinson among others. Which was according to YourEDM, all part of a stunt to raise awareness about false news. Read on to find out how the announce went down and hear the first preview of the new record below.

After updating his socials, people then spotted a billboard on Sunset Boulevard and Madeon posted it soon after. Alluded by the billboard is the website, the home to all the latest goings on with Madeon currently. The website was then updated with 4 cities, Los Angeles, New York, Alesund & Nantes. Each location has two vinyl to pick up for free. If you got there quick, you might have been able to pick up an exclusive vinyl before it’s released.

The track playing in the ‘FOUR CITIES‘ YouTube video is non other than Madeon’s latest single ‘All My Friends‘ – coming out Friday the 31st of May.

There was a lot of attention brought on this Instagram account which initially had teases for Lady Gaga, Porter Robinson as well as Lemaitre. The collaboration images were then deleted and then the account was updated with ‘Persona‘ written on the stories and images. It was later revealed that it was part of a social experiment with the account now bearing the words “ASK QUESTIONS”.

The false leaked track-list and album title were the below with the title ‘DREAMDREAMDREAM‘

1 – Elysium.

2 – Forgiver.

3 – Esperer.

4 – Echoes (feat. Porter Robinson).

5 – Realworld.

6 – Etheral (feat. Lady Gaga).

7 – Shadows (feat. Kucka).

8 – Together.

9 – Spirits (feat. Yelle).

10 – Wild (feat. Lemaitre).

11 – Heartland.

12 – Fin.

13 – Destructor (feat. Rezz)

This information was sourced from and not officially confirmed. Please take this information with a grain of salt.




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