Polo & Pan Release Feel Good EP, a Jubilant Adventure

The wondrous aural adventures of Polo & Pan return with the release of Feel Good. The four-track EP cohesively shapes another iteration of bemusement and robust sonic stimuli that has been at the heart of each Polo & Pan release, extending to their live show and mixes. The duo is the personification of uplifting whimsical celebration. In other words, they are the maestros of feeling good and they’re here to spread joy and bring smiles to the faces that choose to join their circus. Simply, Press play and let the good times begin.

It’s without surprise that the lead single and EP is titled “Feel Good” and is all about decorating our lives in warmth and beauty. This uncomplicated idea is the core ingredient from, which Polo & Pan has sprung another brilliant geyser of ripe textured sounds. They are the artistic gift that keeps on giving, bringing sunshine and good vibes.

The EP opens with the titular track, “Feel Good”, setting the stage for the duo to tantalize. I previously wrote about the track here. To add to my previous musings, it’s a free-spirited record that you’ll play over and over to blanket yourself in glistening ardor. I have a sneaking feeling that “Feel Good” will be coated in streaming glory and will surpass “Canopée”.

The EP continues with “Attrape-rêves”, which is the french word for dreamcatcher. True to its name, the record is a dreamy soundscape with transcendent qualities. The synth line is of intergalactic nature that hypnotizes with jubilance. The vocal is breathtaking in beauty. These elements fuse together to melt your mind into the palm of Polo & Pan. They’re now the puppet-masters, but that’s okay because they are the shepherds of marvel and euphoria, leading you into “Pili Pili”.

The penultimate song is a different sonic playground to the other records on the EP. “Pili Pili” is more energetic and punches your soul. The boundless energy comes from the lead, which is a charming pan-flute. Somehow the duo is able to turn the flute into a ravenous spirit that flutters around the mind and opens the body to the full expansive and perforating sound design. “Pili Pili” is Polo & Pan’s secret weapon to electrify their carnival-like live experience.

Feel Good closes with “Peter Pan”, which was also the conclusion of their “Home Sweet Home” mixtape. The record is written by Victoria Lafaurie, who is the band’s vocalist and accompanies them on tour, and by their friend Antonin. Victoria’s vocal gallops over the production with angelic grace, mesmerizing in its wake. Moreso, it helps to build a song wrapped in poignancy and glowing awe, which gives it a quality that speaks to the inner-workings of your mind where nostalgic feelings are found. It’s truly the perfect record to close out the EP.

The world today has often been frigid and devoid of happiness. Fortunately, Polo & Pan have returned with Feel Good. It’s well worth the listen to brighten your day and return cheer to souls that need respite. To stream the EP continue down or follow the link here to choose your preferred DSP.





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