Tame Impala Unveils “It Might Be Time”

With the announcement of Tame Impala’s highly anticipated fourth studio album, The Slow Rush, that featured a cryptic video on the website before the official announcement, a new song was to be expected, but there was nothing but silence. No official date except 2020 and no new single. That is until now!

The heaviest single from the forthcoming album “It Might Be Time” keeps in the same vein as the previous two tracks with the psyche-disco Tame has been building Towards since 2015 Currents, but unlike the last two singles this one has a heavier drum and guitar riff that swells up from the underbelly giving it more of a rocking vibe reminiscent of Kevin Parkers earlier work. What keeps this in the disco realm is the piano that grounds the song, while its layered instrumentals and vocals add a bit of chaos that threatens to take this song off the rails in the best way possible cut with a swelling siren and hip-hop-infused drums. By the time the crunchy guitar riff kicks in you’re in full rock out mode dancing and bobbing until the song abruptly ends leaving you wanting more.

Parker’s classic John Lennon styled vocals are better than ever as he continues to question his own ability and future. All his friends have settled down, but he wants to keep his dream alive despite his insecurities and fear that it might end tomorrow. Kevin needs not to worry as he has solidified himself as one of the biggest artists in the world, headlining literally every festival. But it is his fear and hunger that drives him to continue to create classic albums that have been critically acclaimed from the onset. It’s those insecurities that have made Parker keep searching, never satisfied, which is why Tame Impala will keep pushing boundaries and his fame to the stratosphere.

This new album is heavily anticipated by the masses and all three singles have been fantastic and this latest one may be my favorite. Keep busting out the jams Mr. Parker cause we will keep listening. You have nothing to worry about on that end!




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