Tritonal Keep Golden Streak Alive With Prog House ‘Someone To Love You’

Nearly a year ago, Tritonal announced their return to progressive house to much fanfare. To many fans, their 2016 album ‘Painting With Dreams‘ was their pinnacle achievement, and the mesmerizing sound of that album hadn’t been heard in their dance-pop excursion since. In the past five months alone, Tritonal have released an incredible five tunes true to their roots, from the anthemic ‘Long Way Home‘ to the deep ‘Born Yesterday‘. They keep their streak alive with another anthem, this one debuted in an electric livestream to celebrate 300 episodes of their radio show, Tritonia.

‘Someone To Love You’, much like ‘Never Be The Same‘, combines elements of a radio hit with those of a club tune, imbued with their distinctive 2016 arpeggios and delicate chord progressions. Soaring vocals dominate the verses, leading to an impressive melody rising from the depths of its chord progression, taking charge with unbridled zeal in the drop. A euphoric supersaw stack precedes the second climax, this time drawing the listener to hum along.

In keeping with the same abstractly enchanting artwork themes since their February single, ‘Valkyrie‘, Tritonal show that their new inspired sound is only beginning to be unraveled to the world. Indeed, Tritonal’s next single has already been teased in Tritonia 300, and given the pace of their release schedule, you’re bound to have your hands on it soon.




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