Will Sparks Mixes Things Up With Touching Track ‘Next Generation’

‘Next Generation’ is Will Sparks latest offering. After spending some studio time in Los Angeles seven years ago, Will had the idea and vocal from this release. Now, seven years later, Sparks’ downtime whilst isolating has allowed him to finally finish the production.

Being a dominant name in the dance world, Will Sparks has taken a different route this time. ‘Next Generation’ focuses on the melodies and vocals, whilst his usual releases are hard hitting club records. This curve-ball was also seen with his most recent release ‘Lies’ together with New World Sound.

With over 300 million streams to his name and an ever growing fan base, this release is sure to be a crowd pleaser. With no shows to play, Will has been hitting the studio hard, with something like 10 tracks finished already – we cannot wait to hear more after our first taste with ‘Next Generation’.

The music video features children from around the world holding up the lyrics. The idea behind the video comes from the children being our “next generation”. The result is a touching way to involve young fans as well as the children of older fans. With everyone isolating, this video is the perfect way to overcome that!




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