Rezident Releases Mystifying “Chapters” through Anjunadeep

Open the door to a world enveloped by an air bitten with spectral pageantry and a ground formed by thick, yet delicate metallic panes, the foundation to this cunning little creation. At the heart of this world is a young, rising German artist with the technical ability to mystify and stun. His name is Rezident and his little world is “Chapters”, his EP brought to us by Anjunadeep.

Over 2020, Rezident has grown in stature quite considerably. In the beginning, he dropped his second-ever EP through dance heavyweights, Spinnin’. He followed this up with his first appearance on Anjunadeep via their thirteenth installment of “Anjunadeep Explorations” for the stunning “Pure”, which also appeared in James Grant’s “Anjunadeep Edition 300”. He also released several records through Poesie Musik, a German label at the forefront of underground electronic music, including the rich and textured masterpiece, “High Spirits”. Somehow he found time to cut an hour mix for SiriusXM’s Chil. With all of these sonic tantalizers, it has become abundantly clear that Rezident has a penchant for crafting beautiful aural playgrounds that bring about real emotion and feeling.

Today, he has released his newest EP, “Chapters”, and once again, brings about a sound that is vivid, painting the mind with swaths of raw fervor. The EP opens with “All My Friends”. The record sets the stage with a downtempo grooviness and a sharpy melody that sears the brain stem. It’s hard not to move your head with the beat and get lost in the sound design as a warm sensation cascades over your body. It seamlessly leads into “In Our Dreams”, which keeps the downtempo aura. This record has a less obvious groove and is more about the beat and the sting of hi-hats that interplay with the licks of ethereal-tinged synths and a layer of distortion. Once again, it’s a cosmic soundscape that mesmerizes listeners into getting lost in its wake.

The final act of “Chapters” is “Behind The Scenes”, which is my favorite of the EP. It rides a deep, prodding synth line that breaks way to punchy beat, prickly hi-hats, delicate piano keys, and — what I believe is — a twirling saw processed with some effects. Near the midway point, a rush of a whirring synth and a distorted vocal sample fills the air with demented glee. “Chapters” is nothing short of breathtaking and highlights Rezident’s ability to weave together a complex sound design that doesn’t feel too cluttered or distracting. It’s simply brilliant.

To better understand the EP and how Rezident constructed it, he provided us with this insight:

For me, the key to this EP is its simplicity. All of the tracks came together in live-jams using synths & midi-controllers. This is probably why I was playing around more with the individual sounds and trying to let them develop over time, rather than adding more and more layers.

From the depths of “Chapters”, is something spiritual and poignant. It speaks to the listener with intimacy and holds a prism to each person’s divinity awakening something so profound that only the individual can understand. With this deep connective tissue, it’s simply a perfect capsule that provides insight into the mind of a burgeoning artist with a point and purpose.

To stream “Chapters”, follow the link here or scroll down.

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