Yotto Debuts Incendiary Odd One Out Mixtape

Finnish purveyor of atmospheric and ominous melodic beats, Yotto, debuted his first Odd One Out Mixtape. It features music from Yotto and his friends, which the man himself describes as:

 “There’s a very bad episode of Friends where Chandler recycles an old mixtape from his former lover. This is that mixtape. Music from me, my friends, my favourites and my enemies. Odd One Out Mixtape 01.”

A part of Yotto’s new label of the same name, the mix explores a vast array of sounds that oscillate from deep house to melodic house to progressive house and everything in between. What I really appreciate from this Mix – as well as Yotto’s music as a whole – is that he builds a feeling or feelings that drape around listeners’ brain stems and pull them deep into the core of the soundscape. It’s as if he is the ultimate puppet master and he’s pulling the strings to give each listener a transcendental experience.

In the end, listeners will have been lost exploring a feeling crafted by the masterful Yotto for an hour and thirty-seven minutes. Fortunately for many of us, Yotto is in the midst of his Odd One Out Tour where we can continue the feeling and experience the power and precision firsthand. Tour dates and mix are below. Tickets can be purchased here.

To learn more about the mix, our friends at 1001Tracklists have an updating tracklist, which can be found here.

Yotto Odd One Out 2019 Live Dates
Nov 7 – Celine, Orlando, FL, USA
Nov 8 – EDC Orlando, FL, USA
Nov 9 – Fairmount Theatre, Montreal, QC, Canada
Nov 14 – Q, Seattle, WA, USA (SOLD OUT)
Nov 15 – Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, USA
Nov 16 – CMXX, Las Vegas, NV, USA
Nov 22 – Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO, USA
Nov 23 – Studio B, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Dec 05 – Valkoinen Sali, Helsinki, Finland
Dec 06 – Great Hall Avant Gardner, NY, USA
Dec 07 – The Fonda, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Dec 10 – Your Paradise Festival, Fiji
Jan 22-24 – Holy Ship! Wrecked, Dominican Republic
Mar 13 – Village Underground, London, UK




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